Home Staging: 5 Expert Tips for Every Room in the Home


Over the years, home staging has graduated from necessary afterthought to elevated art form. Investing the effort to redesign and rearrange rooms in your home can reduce the amount of time a property is on the market. While the fundamentals of home staging are widely known and practiced—cleaning, decluttering, and making repairs, for instance—experts in the luxury real estate market employ a number of tricks that go beyond the basics. In order to conduct a stellar home staging, take into consideration these five expert tips for making your home the most attractive on the market.

Design With Your Buyer in Mind

When it comes to staging your home, prioritize the tastes of of your buyer. Who does your potential buyer aspire to be? How do they intend to use the space? What kind of neighbourhood do you live in, and what demographic is being drawn there? If you’re likely to sell your home to a young family, focusing on safety and maximizing storage could be the right call. If your house is more suited to a retired power couple, bypassing the nursery and going right to the luxury details could be the fastest route to designing their dream home. This is the time to take down the majority of your family photos; putting your own tastes on the back burner allows for your home to be future-ready.

Strike a Balance

That said, don’t trim back your home so far that it becomes devoid of personality. While you’re staging, aim for a balance when it comes to furnishings, wall hangings, and small details. Keep an eye on your décor tendencies: hitting a sweet spot between modern, classic, and timeless will prevent any loud statements or wall-to-wall Art Nouveau from deterring potential buyers. Modern furniture in neutral tones such as white or beige can create a welcoming and appealing atmosphere, and are easy to layer in with select antiques and pops of colour. Blending comfort and sophistication allows your viewers to feel like they’re walking into their own home.

Stage For Your Space

If you have a unique home that dictates your style direction, it can be important when staging to go with this sartorial flow. Many homes feature special architectural or design elements that add to the property’s elegance and value. This Ontario estate home, for instance, is home to a host of notable details including marble counters and floors, filigreed millwork, impressive fireplaces, handcrafted railings, and high ceilings. Complementary furniture and art selections accentuate these details: staging this home involves equally lush furnishings in classical shapes. If you’re staging a space that is currently empty, an app like Curate by Sotheby’s International Realty can allow you to test out a variety of furniture styles against your existing backdrop. If your house boasts a standout feature—such as an excellent swimming pool or delightful breakfast nook—put extra care into these areas.

Dial In Soft Furnishings

Pay extra attention to the materials that soften your home’s architecture to strike a tone of sumptuous living. Dress your beds with high-quality linens, and make sure that any window dressings are clean, current, and appropriately sized. Pillows and blankets present an opportunity to signal to buyers a sense of luxury. Have you used down, cashmere, and alpaca? Have you sourced a throw from a notable designer? These cues can elevate your space.

Make It Shine

While addressing big-picture details will create the welcome and ambiance potential buyers find desirable, glossing over the basics of home staging will land you back at square one. Now is the time for deep cleaning and flawless organizing. Prioritize your home staging efforts on social areas where people spend much of their time: for kitchens, it can be worthwhile to invest in new appliances, hardware, and fresh paint. In the bathroom, replace dim bulbs, hang new towels, and hide away all cleaning supplies and equipment. Remove and clean the covers of exhaust fans, sort cupboards, and tidy closets. Your whirlwind updating done, finish off your spaces with centrepieces and artful collections—such as a bottle of wine and bowl of fruit, or interesting sculpture and coffee table books—to draw the eye towards the room’s otherwise pristine surfaces. Nothing says “move-in ready” more clearly than absolute spotlessness.

Home staging is a mystical blend of marketing and design that will show your home as it is and as it could be. Conscientious editing and knowing your audience will ensure your home looks its best when buyers come to call.

Take staging inspiration from these astonishing living rooms and eye-popping kitchens, and make your home a buyer’s paradise. This post was initially posted on May 11, 2021 and updated July 20, 2021